The Assumption of the Virgin

This painting was painted by an Italian artist named Tiziano Vecelli who was born in Pieve di Cadore, located near the Austrian border. He didn’t become famous there, however. He moved in 1498 to Venice, a city that is big in the arts. He was essentially an apprentice for Sebastiano Zuccato who was a very famous artist in mosaics, and influenced the Renaissance during his lifetime. This painting was painted from 1516-1518 and still lies in Venice, Italy.

This painting shows the Virgin Mary ascending into Heaven and leaving her loved ones there. It’s a oil painting with bold and warm colors. Jesus’s apostles are by her side as she leaves the world. The old man at the top of the picture is in Heaven and represents God, who was crucified by the cross. Vecelli did a great job of showing the difference between the real world and heaven.

Here is another picture of Vecelli’s Assumption of the Virgin:


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