The Triumph of Galatea

The Triumph of Galatea was painted by an Italian artist named Raphael around 1513. This is the third painting on this website that is called a fresco, a different type of mural painting. The Triumph of Galatea, which many people refer to as just “Galatea”, now lies in Rome. Raphael was known for living a short life of 37 years, but believe it or not he was one of the most prolific and productive artists in the Renaissance time period. He finished this painting at age 30, seven years before his death in 1520.

Raphael didn’t create the action and story that is going on in The Triumph of Galatea, as this is part of a nymph’s apotheosis. This was supposed to be a present to Agostino Chigi, and Italian banker and patron to Raphael, but Chigi passed away before it was completed. Raphael then dedicated this painting to the people of Villia Farnasina, a town of Rome, where it still lies today. This painting may have been inspired by Michelangelo, who was known for his bright colors and decoration that are common of Roman paintings. There is a main woman who is yet to be named in the center that looks to be in the midst of fighting, and then other fighters that resemble sea creatures. There are also flying children with crossbows in the air. The woman’s gaze is supposed to resembele Platonic Love because the way she is looking up at Heaven.


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