Creation of Adam

This painting, called The Creation of Adam, was painted around 1511 by one of the greatest painters of all-time in Michelangelo. Michelangelo didn’t just paint, however. He also was a very successful sculptor and architect. Michelangelo lived in Italy for most of his life and completed almost all of his paintings there as well. This painting is called a fresco, another term for a mural-style painting. This is also one of the most replicated religious paintings in the world, as it has to do with the creation of Man in the Book of Genesis. The Creation of Adam was a part of the Sistine Chapel, a building made by Michelangelo.

If you don’t full understand this painting, it’s easy to be confused. It resembles the creation of a human through a hidden0like image, and to show Adam that the birth of man doesn’t have to come from a woman. The red cloth is supposed to resemble a uterus while the long green string is supposed to be an umbilical cord. The people around God are angels, who have different facial impressions such as anger, concern, confusion, etc. This is one of Michelangelo’s most-known paintings in his career.




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