Michelangelo’s David

Michelangelo sculpted The Statue of David, one of his many famous sculptures. King David is known in biblical references as the one who defeated Goliath in the David vs. Goliath story, as he killed Goliath with a slingshot and stone. Michelangelo takes credit for this sculpture, but Agostino di Duccio is also named as the original artist. The authentic statue is still “alive”, and is located in Florence.

King David is roughly 25 years old in this statue. That makes sense because Michelangelo would want his statue to be of a man in his prime that looks to be incredibly strong. That is what David looks like in this statue, as his biceps and upper body pop out at the viewer. This statue is unique because of how real it is, because there weren’t any statues that were this accurate to a man. Viewers can see the veins in his hands, arms, and legs, making the statue very authentic. If David wasn’t frozen, I may mistaken him for an actual man. Michelangelo follows the Romans method, as they were the best at showing the most authentic humans in their art. There is no doubt that this was the most authentic art of a human at Michelangelo’s time.


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