Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is arguably the most famous picture of the entire renaissance. Painted by Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci between 1504-1519, this was one of the longest paintings that Da Vinci worked on. It’s know around the world, and many replicas and forms of this painting have been created because of Da Vinci’s work. Not many people know that this painting is of Lisa Gherardini, a woman who is close to a man who Da Vinci knew. Francesco Del Giocondo, the man who traded with Da Vinci, asked him to paint a picture of her. As mentioned before, the painting took a long time. Del Giocondo thought that it would never be completed, but Da Vinci finally released the painting after 15 years. Its popularity and value have skyrocketed since, but the public has not known the story and idea behind the Mona Lisa until 2005. The original painting is now located in Paris, France.

This panting is actually very controversial. Many people believe that it is a very creepy illustration of a woman and that her facial impression is just sketchy. Nonetheless, Da Vinci did a fabulous job on the actual painting, regardless of people’s opinions. Her face clearly pops out at the viewer and has a calm, subtle background filled with cool colors. It only has half of her body, and her hands show that she is very faithful. This painting represents beauty’s relationship with nature with the holy trinity triangle involved again with Da Vinci. Leonardo’s masterpiece may be a little controversial and creepy, but his talent will never be questioned.


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