St. Peter’s Basilica

The St. Peter’s Basilica, located in the Vatican City, was dedicated to Pope Urban VIII and was built 2000 years. Countless people worked on this beautiful cathedral that has breathtaking architecture on the inside and outside. It was obviously named to Saint Peter, who was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. Peter is known as one of the most loyal and dedicated followers to Jesus, because after his crucifixion, he still followed Jesus’s following and shaped the Catholic Church, in a way. He because a leader of the church and later a saint. The Basilica took almost 120 years to be built, and Michaelangelo couldn’t see his building completed because he died in 1624, and the Basilica was finished in 1626. Many other architects and artists helped make this building besides Michelangelo.

The Basilica is over 450 feet tall with the dome diameter being roughly 140 feet. It is the burial site of Saint Peter and has many traditions and historical attractions. It is one of four churches in Rome to be called a “Major Basilica.” As discussed in class, this cathedral has a mix of Rome and Greek architecture with a “spice” of Renaissance buildings. The columns, seen both in Greece and Rome are a vital part in the church’s structure. The uniqueness of the architecture is the dome, which almost looks like the dome on the United States’s Capital Building. This church is one of the holiest buildings in the entire world and many catholics come to the Vatican City to attend mass and take a tour of this Basilica.

Here is a picture of the US Capital Building’s Dome. This dome has numerous layers and is a little taller and more spacious, but it resembles the Basilica’s:


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