The Wedding Dance

The Wedding Dance is a painting from the Northern Renaissance, as Pieter Bruegel, the artist, painted this in modern-day Belgium. Bruegel completed this painting in 1566 in the middle of the Renaissance. It was believed to be lost for many years, but the painting is now located in Detroit, Michigan. Bruegel lived in Belgium for all 44 years of his life, and impacted the arts in northern Europe in his lifetime. This is one of three paintings in Bruegel’s “Wedding Series”, as “The Peasant Wedding” and “The Peasant Dance” are also included.

The clothing that the guests wear are typical Renaissance clothes and traditional colors such as white, black, and red. In all, there are 125 wedding guests in this painting. Every guest has its own meaning. In the foreground there is a dance wearing the colors of the time period along with other peasants. On the right, there is a musician playing an instrument and watching the wedding dance from the side of the painting. The interpretation of the behavior of the guests is that they are action inappropriate and a little rowdy, but it seems in a joyful and celebrating manner. Dance had a set of rules and ethics that you should follow, and these guests are definitely breaking that code. This painting just represents a party celebrating a wedding, and has a nice contrast of colors from Pieter Bruegel.




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