Wedding of Virgin Mary

The Wedding of the Virgin was painted by legendary Italian artist Raphael. He completed this religious painting in 1504 when Raphael was only 21 years old. Raphael traveled around the country of Italy throughout his lifetime to Venice, Rome, and now Milan. The oil painting still lies in Milan, Italy and on a round-headed panel. The location of the painting changed many times but it finally found a home in Milan

The painting represents a historical event that is important to the Church, as the Virgin Mary of God was about to marry Joseph the Carpenter. It’s a pretty simple painting with Mary, Joseph, and their friends surround them. They are located in a rural setting with not much around them with a gazebo-like building. Raphael makes this painting seem very calm with the cool color combinations and the small crowd of people involved. This is one of Raphael’s better paintings and a very important one in the eyes of the Catholic church.


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